tipple run thankyou

thanks to everyone who came and played out on the tipple run this year - always a good laugh

things we learnt this year:

• it doesnt ALWAYS rain on the tipple run
• "we'll keep the bar open as long as you like" doesnt mean that at all when the clock strikes 11.32pm
• its a hell of a lot easier herding cats on a sportster than a panther
• i still dont like being at the front :)
• there are some lovely people who still like to ride bikes
• steam fairs are better kept small
• we really do have some of the prettiest roads around if you look for them
• i should take photos every now and then
• waitrose do awesome picnic food

thanks again everyone - im going to do a photo dump like in previous years

if you only took a few photos then send them me vintagechop@gmail.com if you took loads then try using www.wetransfer.com make a zip file of them all [not zipx] and send them over via that. easy to follow instructions on their site.

see you all next time

Tipple 2012 start

pre-night camping just round the corner.

breakfast at ollies cafe, they open at 9. plan on sidestands up at 10am to head for the hills.

tipple map

take a look and make whatever notes you want for your route plan. make sure you at least know roughly where you are going incase you get broken off or whatever

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Tipple Run 2012 mileage

ok so with the change of sites the first day got longer the second shorter

day 1 - 170 miles
day 2 - 140 miles
day 3 - 100 miles

have fuel for abut 70 miles - either in your tank or in bottles. there are areas with no fuel available

and to clear up any confusion - the pre-run shindig is on tuesday night and we are off early on wednesday morning. its not huge miles on the but its mainly on slow roads. we need to get going and keep moving if we want to have some drinking time on the evening

camping plans

ok people - this is where we are at...

tuesday aug 28th - prenight

Watchfield Inn
01278 783551

£4 per person. if you prebook book as being with the "vintage motorcycle rally" please. he seemed very vague as to if we needed to or not. take your chances ha

weds aug 29th

Golden Lion Inn Lakeside Camping
Stithians Lake
TR16 6NW 
01209 860332

no need to book - i have booked and paid for an area - you owe me a pint for your nights camping :)

thurs aug 30th

plume of feathers
Plymouth Hill
PL20 6QQ
Tel : 01822 890240

£6.95 per person [not tent]

we have camped here before and they have tons of space. they said they dont mind if we just turn upwhen i did the pre-run a few weeks ago

fri aug 31st - http://www.gdsf.co.uk/
sat sept 1st - http://www.gdsf.co.uk/

Situated on the A354 between Blandford and Salisbury in the village of Tarrant Hinton.
DT11 8HX

day ticket - £17.00 [each day]
camping - £17 per unit per night

apparently you can buy tickets on the gate for the days and camping [too late for pre-booked event tickets now]

sunday sept 2nd - make your way home

successful pre-run

and the route is now as follows - ill get sorted a downloadable map or something in the next week or so but this is an overview