Tinker and Tipple

just got this pic sent over from ray - pretty much sums up the run for me - tinkering with bikes and deciding which scrumpy to start the afternoon off with... happy days

Great Trip

Thanks again everybody that turned up

I'm putting together an album of pics - if you were there and took some pics send them over to me (vintagechop @ gmail . com) and I'll add them to the set [link to the right]

perfect riding and great weather. what more can you ask for


Forecasting no rain in any of the places we are which i just dont believe

As and what i am bringing rain gear but this is the forecast for the places we are going on the right days. If this is right it will RULE

Long Range Weather

Looking like being about 19°C for the run, and SO FAR a little cloudy but not raining.

We all know how good the forecast normally is so no promises but whatever - it cant be worse than last years floods