Tipple Run 2011 pics

got some pics through from people of the run - apparently me/julian bolting a gearbox back in was a highlight judging by the pics... i normally take riding pics but missed out on a lot of the run, so there seems to be a lack of riding shots - anyone has some and ill get them uploaded


its on - dont know where when or anything else but there will be something going on around the same ort of time next year.

thanks again everyone - send your pics and ill get onto that album

thanks all

big thanks to all that came out to play this year

if you took any pics please send them over to me and i'll get a photo dump of everyones pics put together like i have in the past - vintagechop @ gmail . com

thanks to julian for sorting everything out with the route and sites this year - top class job. sorry i missed a good chunk of the run but thems the breaks

and yes - there is something in the pipeline for next year, little bit different but same general deal - ride bikes and enjoy life

pack your rain gear

the weather doesnt stop us, but be prepared for yet another wet tipple run

this is why we camp at pub sites - makes for at least a dry evening to get your spirits back up and warm your bones for the next day of rain riding, that and the odd pint of local booze of an evening is always a joy to behold

this is england [well wales a lot of the run] riding in the rain is part of the game - if you dont want tog et wet you have about a 2 week riding "season" and thats just nonsense

get out and ride - dont let the rain gods stop you having fun, riding some beautiful roads with some like minded people on old [and some not so old] iron

see you there hopefully

slight camping change

the site on thursday has had to be changed

we are now at Drenewydd Farm, SA46 0JR