Tipple Run Flyer

Propaganda wheels in motion

Print it out, hand em out, stick it on your notice board.
Spread the good word.

Tipple Run Patches

Tyler over at lowbrow customs is hooking me up with the patches for the tipple run this year. he just sent me over a scan of the sample. looking pretty good in my book. now i just need to finish oranising the run itself...

It's ON


Sharpen your pencil and get it in your diary out.

9th - 12th Sept 2010

There will be a pre-night camping on the 8th somewhere, and last days riding on Saturday 11th with camp at the end. Same format as last year, it worked for me.

We will be doing a pre-run in probably March at a guess, the route below is a rough plan, more of a core route for us to pre-run and expand out on. looking at about 5/600 miles so not crazy miles but enough on old clunkers

Patches this year

So I don't have to deal with sizes of shirts this year we are going with patches. Its me being lazy to be fair but it means i can concentrate more on the map/run side of things. keep your eyes peeled for further info on the pretty soon