shovs alive

well - i fixed the shovel this weekend.

i filled with fuel about 40 miles from home on the way to the tipple run pre-night shindig. pulled out onto the road, round the roundabout and the bike crapped itself. running awful, wouldnt idle, nigh on impossible to kick [enter stage left the magic of extra compression when breaking down]. fuel issue or what? how? damnit!

well - it turns out it was entirely my fault... so all the swearing/sweet talking i did at the bike was aimed in the wrong direction.

the weekend before the run i did the final re-torquing of the head/base bolts after its engine rebuild this year. well i thought id do a good job to make sure all's dandy for the run. pulled the carb and pushrods to do the job and obviously had my mind elsewhere coz on re-assemble i didnt tighten the lock nuts on either exhaust pushrod... they both had loosened off so the valves werent opening hardly at all - a little time at home and not on a road side thinking it through and it was a quick easy fix [and free which is nice]

so my stropy mood on the run was my fault, riding all the roads on the sporty wishing i was on the shov. at least its sorted and back on the road again


  1. Mate, I did something similar, and had to stop every 5 miles cos no proper spanners to lock up the nuts

  2. good news, at least it wasnt terminal, and free to repair is always good, happy days, spindle