who's welcome?

ive got a couple of emails off people asking if they are welcome on modern bikes

well - yes.... theres no style police on the run. but old bikes are absolutely PREFERRED...

if you come on a modern bike you wont catch any crap off me [well only light heartedly] - i had to do it on my modern sporty last year after i broke down on the way to the pre-night shindig.

be aware you are on a run with old bikes & we roll SLOW and stop for fuel OFTEN, if you want to go fast, well thats fine, print off and read your map and go as fast as you like, we'll see you at the bar and you can have a pint waiting for us. we have ridden mainly as a single group in previous years which is a pretty nice way to travel, but its no worries if you want to break off - there are no rules / regulations

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