Tipple Pre-Run

just got home an hour or so back, we met up after work on friday night and camped pretty close to london - htere was no point us both riding an hour north to go home only to head south again in the morning

ok - so i went off this weekend with tiny to recky the tipple run. we put 20 hours on the bikes over the weekend and im knackered now. but i did find my new favourite road anywhere. 1 in 4 hill climb with cutback corners and stupid fucked up cambers, keeps climbing for about 15 minutes, then after about 40 minutes of incredibly beautiful roads theres the 1 in 4 down hill with awsome sea views into a great little bay.

there are some fantastic roads, and modern bikes really do serve a good purpose... perfect for pre-running this sort of thing, not a single glitch on either and we could cruise at whatever speed we wanted, concentrate on getting roads sorted and deal with map planning shit not bike issues

we rode out of the campsites at 8 am both days, got drunk for 3 nights, met random locals and had a blast

i WAAAY over estimated how many coast road single lane road miles we could cover in a day on vintage stuff so have cut off about 80 miles on day 2

first site was cool, its a case of leave your money in a coffee jar if you leave before they open up - cool place, not much there except a pub really but thats all we needed

then we got the whiff of castrol-r on the sea breeze and ended up finding these guys, way cool old cars and good old guys, we just stopped for half an hour coz we had to cover the miles but it was cool to see this stuff getting driven, it was in the middle of nowhere so they had all come a decent way.

views are kind of bleak but great...

then at the last campsite we ran into a cool dieselbike conversion which lookd really well done

bloody good weekend, great to ride just the 2 of us again, its been too long, and really good just get out on some new roads and discover some jems.

singing off, one tired but content chap...

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