Thursday 10th - Sunday 13th September 2009

Same deal as last year - This is a chill out and party kind of deal, no attitudes, no fees, no promises. If you don’t expect much then you'll come away happy

If you think your bike has a fighting chance of making the run then you are welcome. If you like building and fixing cool stuff its probably your kind of thing, be it on a supercharged trike, an old brit restoration or anything in between. If you are more of the weekend power-ranger brigade then its most likely not for you.

THIS IS NOT A RALLY... as the name suggests its a RUN - its about the riding then party when we get to destination. There are no bands put on or entertainment of any sort. Ride your bike make your own fun.

You need to look after yourself and your own bike - there wont be anyone behind you to pick you up if you break down.

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