things are settling down again here at tipple run central, and pre-run is due on again [yea - 60 days to go is cutting it finer than i like for sorting the route out]

been doing some map doodlings and heres the plan until we find its junk/crap roads/too far/not far enough

heres the idea of order of proceedings

8th september

night camping in devises - nice pub site we stumbled across on last years pre-run

day 1

rolling out 9.30am sharp for anyone not making the pre-night drinky meet n greet. miss that time and twist your throttle to catch us up - we wont be waiting

devizes - sudbury: aprox 180 miles [roughly 6 or 7 hours all told]

day 2

sudbury - skegness: aprox 210 miles [roughly 7 hours]

day 3

skegness - buxton: aprox 200 miles [roughly 6 hours]

so its looking like a 600 mile run plus get yourself to devises and home from buxton. so yes - its a good leg stretch but its doable - previous years have been between 4 and 600 miles and havent been crippling.

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