Riding the crap so you don't have to

a big thanks to adam and shaun for coming along on the first stretch of the pre-running. as ever for pre-running, modern bikes were order of the day. fazer, thundercat and pan-euro

we got the first day mapped out and messed with - i will sort a map later on when i get a chance but in the mean time....

got to the THREE MAGPIES on saturday night
its a proper old little country boozer with a lovely atmosphere and they keep a really nice selection of beers/ ciders to match your choice tipple. a few beers were partaken in and then camping inthe site round the back. it is primarily a caravan site but they take tents at £8 per tent. they also do food in the pub. there are small but sound shower toilet facilities on the site

got on the road for 8am on sunday and killed some miles. about 40 minutes in we found a lovely cafe that we'll be using on the run. full english fry set us up for the day. then back on the road.
then everything stops for tea. a nice pot of tea and cakes all round - oh we are badass bikers indeed

the first 130 or so miles were great. after that things started going a bit astray with the route hitting too many little villages etc so after battling with it for a couple of hours we abandoned the route and backtracked and sorted a much more pleasing section out. but thats why we pre-run this stuff - so you dont have to [we really are too good to you sometimes]

day 1 is a pretty long days ride - we were on modern bikes with only 1 fuel stop, 1 food stop, and 1 cake stop and were still on the move for 7 hours. with the new route this will drop a little but still - its a good leg stretch.

fun time had and now onto the rest of the pre-run.

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